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The latest version of the monthly Summitsbase News (which is published on or around the first of the month). Logged-on registered users may view the News by clicking on the News 'front cover' left.

The next Summitsbase News will be the September edition and will be published on or around Saturday September 1st.

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Summitsbase runs a Summit to Summit (S2S) Awards Scheme, currently for contacts between two SOTA summits. Details of this scheme may be seen by 'clicking' on the heading above.

The main WiKi is where information about different Summits is stored and it may be viewed by 'clicking' on the summit photo on the left.

The Summits Information on this site is constantly being updated as people contribute to it. You are encouraged to contribute to the Summits Information and to add routes and/or extra or 'missing' information. However, when adding routes, please use your own information and do not just copy the routes from other sources.

Over 6000 photographs of summits, summit people and portable equipment may be viewed by 'clicking' on the heading above.

This site is aimed at Radio Amateurs who participate in programmes such as Summits on the Air (SOTA), Summitsbase HuMPs Awards or S2S Awards, Wainwrights on the Air (WOTA), etc.

The main Wiki is a repository for information that would be useful for people ascending summits but there is also provision for equipment reviews and any other information you would like to share. This is your site and you are welcome to make positive, relevant contributions to it.

As there is an amount of trust involved you need to log on to use many features of the site, including facilities such as editing pages (where permitted), forums (reflectors) and areas currently under development. A user may have these facilities withdrawn without notice if it is considered that they are being misused.

When you register to use the site, please use your callsign as your username, any other registrations will not be validated.

Now the small print.

The site has been developing since March 2008 but there are inevitably always some sections of information that are not as detailed as we would like (e.g. routes, parking spots for individual summits etc). Of course the solution is in your hands. It is your site and you can edit the pages with nothing more than your normal web browser.

The site administrators and contributors do not accept any responsibility for your safety or for the accuracy of any of the routes/information shown on this website. Please ensure that you have the correct knowledge and equipment to keep yourself safe in the hills and mountains.


Go to the Summits page.

Otherwise use the search box (in the panel to the left) to find the summit that you require.

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