Summit Definitions        
The various lists of UK summits, mountains and hills can be confusing, particularly for visitors. Here is a brief description of each category relevant to our website.


A HuMP is a hill of any height with a drop of 100m or more on all sides. (HuMPs is an acronym for Hundred Metre Prominence).


A Marilyn is a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres (nearly 500 ft) or more on all sides, that is with a prominence of 150m compared to its surroundings. The SOTA programme in Britain is based on the list of British Marilyns which were named by Alan Dawson and were described in his book - The Relative Hills of Britain. The full text of his book and updated lists can be found here.

By definition, all Marilyns are HuMPs, but not all HuMPs are Marilyns.


A Wainwright is a hill that appears in one of the seven volumes of Alfred Wainwright's Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells. There is no height or prominence definition.

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